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My car was it by a hit n run driver at 2:30am 8/29/09 and since I didn't see the car and get the plates, Titan will not pay although I have "uninsured motorist" if anyone else us having this isssue please contact me.The insurance company is taking consumers money for uninsured motorist and not paying claims.

Titan is not letting consumers no the real truth about their policies and what they really cover.

My email address in infomoneybay at yahoo, for some reason this site does not allow email address.August 29th, 2009

infomoneybay at

Review about: Titan Insurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $3.


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I also work for an insurance agency here in California.HIT & RUN's are NOT covered under uninsured motorist protection.

Sorry to hear about your loss, but that is true with all companies here in California.

UM coverage is typically 8 to 10 more dollars a month.Can you imagine all the fraud claims you would see if it did cover hit and runs...think about it


I'm an insurance agent in Ohio and I still have my book from getting my license. In the book it says that if you are involved in a hit and run, it is not covered.


Zman must have received his insurance license in a crackerjack box. He needs to go back and learn insurance 101.


I am a licensed insurance agent, and uninsured motorist DOES cover property damage caused by a an uninsured motorist or a hit and run.(UM PD Coverage)Every state is different.

call your insurance commissioner.

Bob is wrong.SO is Rick.

Valley City, Ohio, United States #75783

Exactly what Bob said. had you read your coverage, you would have known this. This is not a legit complaint.


I work in insurance, and it doesn't matter what insurance company you have, hit and runs are not covered under uninsured/underinsured motorist.That is used for what it is, which is uninsured motorist or under insured motorist.

Hit and runs are usually under collision if you have it.If you don't have collision it is not covered.

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