It has been 9 days since our accident, and to this day the insurance adjuster has not shown his face to give the damages estimate to our car.We received one message telling us that the claims department would be calling us to let us know when the adjuster would come over, and that it would be most likely on Tuesday because it was a holiday on Monday.

We waited at home, and no one came. We decided to take the car to an auto shop and we called the number given us to let them know where the car was, and our messages have yet to be responded to. The auto body shop has tried as well, and no adjuster has bothered to even give a courtesy call either to the body shop or to us!! We just left another message and again we wait!!!

What do we have to do to get somebody at the Claims Department to do their job???!!!

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Panguitch, Utah, United States #70442

re: Written by Rear-ended by a Titan(ic) Insu, on 19-04-2008 22:37 Please get in contact with me it also is happening to me, they are telling me they will not pay for my total out car. My car was hit by a hit n run at 2:30 am on 8/29/09.my email is var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy79204 = 'infomoneybay' + '@'; addy79204 = addy79204 + 'yahoo' + '.' + 'com'; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy79204 ); document.write( '' ); , I am in San Jose, CA


anyone with the same problem with an uninsured motorist claim with titan please contact my email at rae5576@att.net :(


I am also a titan policy holder and they told me in order for them to pay for my uninsured motorist claim, i had to identify the hit and run driver{impossible}, so i haved filed a law suit agaist titan auto insurance. this could turn into a class action suit.


The Insurance company decided to renew my old policy without my authorization and I am very angry because when they deducted the the ammount out of my checking account there were insufifcient funds and it has cost me

$147.00 in overdraft fees as of 9/7/08.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #9047

It was obvious the accident was not my fault. I could see he was going to hit me as I was sitting still and another vehicle in front of me. I was knocked 10 - 12 feet, cramming on my brakes the whole time to avoid hitting the stopped truck in front of me.

6 days later after the declaration that my vehicle was a total loss by both his insurance as well as my Insurance co. I was treated like *** by their Claims department. I had been looking for another 97 Saturn like mine and found it impossible to find a 96, 97, 98 or 99 in the condition mine was in before the crash for less then $3,900. Hey they are great cars, they hold up well in a crash because they have added safety features other 4 cyclinders do not have. Gasoline is nearly $4.00 a gallon and they get 35 - 38 MPG on the highway so people are not selling them and when they do you can expect to pay a premium. A Saturn Twin Cam (which is what I have) can easily go 200K + miles and when the've been well maintained as mine has, they can get about 240K.

Titan(ic)s Claims Department told me I could find a vehicle like mine in my area for about $2,200 and that was all my vehicle is worth. They also kept telling me my car had 167K miles. I bought it from the original owner and it has been treated good all its life. I could drive this thing for at least 2 more years, it ran like a brand new car, seriously. Any Saturn Twin Cam owners knows I am not lying. You can't find one of these cars that have been taken car of for less then $3,500.

The Claims adjuster kept telling me that I don't understand, these vehicles can be purchased for much less then $3,500 and that since my car had 167K $2200 was all they could give me and they want to take my car. I told him I'd like to speak with his supervisor. She was at some other location. I called and got her voice mail, left a message at about 1:00 in the afternoon. She called me the next day about 11:00 and was even more RUDE then the first *** I spoke to. She told me I was just Lucky the guy had Insurance...... Oh, YES it was my lucky day to be rear ended by someone.......someone insured by Titan Insurance. WOW, Luck? The only Luck I had that day was that I was on the way TO pick up my child and Daycare and not on my way home with the child in the car. I am amazed at how rude they are.

Then I finally agreed to them to agree to pay me $2,500 and I keep the car. I was told to fax my title to the adjuster, then I received an email telling me to Sign and have the title notorized, mail them my Title and keys. WTF that was not what we agreed to. They gave me a $15 a day car rental allowance, Hey they are not my Insurance carrier....... Do I the hit-e not the hit-er not have any rights? They have a lot of nerve to talk to me like I am *** and my car is also *** and I was so Lucky that he had insurance, not really. I probably could have done better sueing him personally as an uninsured motorist.

I am sore, banged up and brused. I have degenerating disk. I have to take pain Med's every day since the accident and get in my Jacuzzi Jett tub of HOT HOT water every single night.

Personally I think they are reselling the vehicles they take away from people as a total since they are so insistant that I surrender my car to them. I will not give them my car. NO WAY! :cry

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