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Titan Auto Insurance - my 16 yr old son called around for quotes on ins.They had the best one.

Guess what? They entered a 16 yr old into a binding contract without an adult signature. Amazing and illegal. The woman who was about to get fired realized what she did and called him all frantic to get his papers re done with my signature and faxed over again.

This company Titan was found through Eastwood. Will not be using them again either. This happened in March 2008. I don't know who is worse, this place or AAA.

Good luck in your insurance quote hunting, I would not recommend Titan.

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After having them for over a decade, CSAA's reputation is not bad but I'd say it has slid down some. The auto club, aaa roadside assistance, works well. The insurance prem is often high. It's difficult to manage most of their services online. Interest on installment billing is excessive. It's good that their insurance agents don't bother employing high-pressure sales techniques.

Of the insurance dogs, CSAA barks least. I hear State Farm howls softly too. For those with family members in military, USAA often wins best of show.


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